ESPN: Hall at Patriot Place does it right

In “Hall at Patriot Place does it Right,” Tim Graham of ESPN visits The Hall of Patriot Place, the New England Patriots Hall of Fame designed by Cambridge Seven Associates and media designer Cortina Productions. This 36,000-square-foot sports museum featuring high-tech interactive displays, a stunning collection of exhibits and multimedia presentations.

“I’ve seen enough halls of fame to know what a great one looks like…But the best I’ve seen belongs to the New England Patriots,” says Graham.

“This is first-class, on par with anything we’ve seen and better than most,” said Joe Horrigan, VP of Communications and Exhibits at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. “It’s a really remarkable use of space, really creative. Everyone in the industry is going towards a lot of these elements, from the traditional display to the interactive motif. This is what a visitor looks for when he goes to a museum. I’m stealing ideas as I go through here. They’ve scored a touchdown.”