KidZoo “aims to recruit young environmentalists”

Sandy Bauers of The Philadelphia Inquirer provides a sneak peak of KidZooU, the Hamilton Family Children’s Zoo and Faris Family Education Center at the Philadelphia Zoo designed by SMP Architects and exhibit designers Cambridge Seven Associates.

C7A designed the interactive and multimedia exhibits for KidZooU, as well as outdoor graphics/wayfinding. SMP Architects provided architectural design for the LEED Gold-certified adaptive reuse of the historic elephant house, the animal enclosures, as well as the goat trail and climbing structures.

Marina Haynes, curator of KidZooU calls it “a game-changer.”

 KidZooU’s exhibits focus on energy conservation and parallel play, with a goal of encouraging children to become caretakers of their environment. C7A designed the exhibits to be accessible for all visitors, with universal design elements and signage that uses the picture exchange communication system developed for children with autism, Braille, and American Sign Language. QR codes also link to multilingual translations of the exhibits.

Steve Feldman, a spokesman for AZA called KidZooU a “next-generation kids area” that “takes the educational messages to a new level.”