San Francisco 49ers Museum brings great moments to life

Daniel Brown from the San Jose Mercury News tours the new San Francisco 49ers Museum designed by C7A.

This 20,000-square-foot interactive sports museum was designed by architects and exhibit designers Cambridge Seven Associates and combines artifacts, video, interactive games and augmented reality to immerse visitors in the game. The museum also features 22 life-sized statues of hall of fame athletes and coaches,  a re-creation of Bill Walsh’s legendary office, and the franchise’s five Super Bowl trophies. In the Heritage Gallery, 208 footballs representing each touchdown scored by Jerry Rice, hang overhead.

“The exhibit, early in the tour at the 49ers Museum, sets the tone for 20,000 square feet that emphasize motion. Interactive exhibits allow visitors to superimpose themselves into team photos, record a play-call from the radio booth and participate in a scouting combine,” says Brown.