Discovery Place “World Alive” exhibit engages children

WBTV in Charlotte, North Carolina, offers a sneak peak inside the “World Alive” aquarium and natural history exhibit designed by Cambridge Seven Associates as part of Discover Place’s large-scale museum renovation.

This $31.6M exhibit features aquarium exhibits, a rainforest theater with a suspension bridge, and an adaptations gallery showcasing jellyfish and other sea creatures. Interactive exhibits designed by C7A put visitors in the role of scientists, from the Explore More Collections gallery that encourages visitors to bring in items, view them under a microscope, and enter the details in Discovery Place’s online database to the Explore More Life gallery that features a touch tank with sea urchins and starfish.

About watching the children learn through experience, Discovery Place President & CEO John Mackay says, “It makes us feel wonderful, we’re all kids at heart, some of us are more than kids at heart…when we see that it makes us feel young again as well.”