New KidzooU: Educational and just plain fun!

Diane Fiske from Montgomery News takes a closer look at the interactive exhibits designed by C7A for KidZooU at the Philadelphia Zoo.

This children’s zoo and hands-on education center was designed by SMP architects with exhibit design and outdoor signage by Cambridge Seven Associates. The exhibit’s opening weekend welcomed 21,000 visitors. C7A’s exhibits include a recycling truck interactive that encourages children to put recyclable items on a conveyor belt to save the Australian habitat of parakeets, zap energy wasters to protect the polar bears, and crawl through a human-sized ant’s nest.

“Our No. 1 goal is to create empathy and show the kids they have the power to create change,” said Andrew Baker, COO of the Philadelphia Zoo. “We hope they will seek ways to improve conservation by acting to solve a problem rather than just looking at it.”

For more, click the link below to read the Montgomery News article or watch a video of the Today Show’s visit to KidZooU.