Take Me Back to the Old Ball Game

Cindy Davis Meixel for Mountain Home Magazine visits the newly redesigned World of Little League: Peter J. McGovern Museum and Official Store designed by Cambridge Seven Associates.

C7A provided architectural design for the renovations and new exhibits for this sports museum in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The exhibits are organized into six galleries that focus on the history of Little League, famous players, and Little League’s international expansion. The Global Connections Touch Table features a trivia game and allows visitors to not only explore teams around the world but also send them messages. Another gallery puts visitors “In the Game” with simulations that encourage children to test their speed running to base, ability to catch a fly ball, and skills as a catcher or shortstop.

Meixel says, “The World of Little League museum is not just a spectators’ sport. The newly re-envisioned museum is a multi-faceted, interactive, multimedia experience extending far beyond the borders of a baseball diamond. It’s not just a baseball museum. It’s not a kid’s museum, though children adore it. It aims to enchant lovers of history, technology, and story—especially the story of how a dusty ball field in rural Pennsylvania became an international crossroads bridging nations and cultures like a little Olympics.”