Man with a Plan: Famed Designer Peter Sollogub’s Eye for Groundbreaking Design

Suzy Marden from Scene Boston sits down with architectural and exhibit designer Peter Sollogub of Cambridge Seven Associates.

Peter Sollogub has a diverse portfolio, from university buildings and hotels to aquariums and sports museums. Known locally for the Hall at Patriot Place (New England Patriots Hall of Fame) and CBS Scene Restaurant, Sollogub recently completed the new Marine Technology and Life Sciences Seawater Research Complex at the University of Miami, Carolina SciQuarium at the Greensboro Science Center, and the San Francisco 49ers Museum.

Sollogub discusses his work on The Hall at Patriot Place: “When we first met with Robert Kraft, I remember he said 2 words to us that are forever profound and magical; “Be Bold.” Those words were magic for us…The best part about the great museum is that nobody is telling you what to think, or feel, rather it is a personal and emotional experience that you are having because of it; it just unlocks itself as you walk through. We partnered exhibits with a dynamic original space that dances together holistically and authentically that allows the Patriots Football story to unfold in it.”

For the 49ers, the design the aesthetic changed: “The 49ers mystique has much to do with their history, their west coast offence, their extraordinary quarterbacks, coaches, particularly the legendary Bill Walsh. All of this combined made for a very different solution for the 49ers. This project was much more fluid, in fact the C7A team likes to call it “Liquid Architecture,” where the space spins around you like the motion of a forward pass and like the offense of the team. It is a very different song.”