Gyeonggi Children’s Museum: A Child’s Dream Come True

South Korean media outlets praised the new Gyeonggi Children’s Museum, Korea’s first independent museum for children opened in Yongin City, which opened in 2011. Architects and exhibit designers Cambridge Seven Associates were hired by the Gyeonggi Culture Foundation to design exhibits for new museum.

This 115,000-square-foot children’s museum is the largest children’s museum in the Gyeonggi Province and features a museum shop, performance theater, auditorium, children’s library, and exhibits for toddlers. The exhibits are arranged in ten galleries focused on four topics: Curious Children, Environment-conscious Children, Healthy Children, and Global-minded Children. The interactive exhibits focus on sports, science and exploration, human anatomy, the environment, and world cultures and are designed to get children involved and make learning fun.

A Han River and Water exhibit on the second floor features a 72-foot-long replica of the Han River that shows the children how water flows from the mountains into the Yellow Sea and how electricity is generated at a dam. In the Construction Zone, children can learn how homes are built and try building their own using wooden blocks. In the Eco Atelier, children learn how to make crafts with recycled goods.