Dalton Discovery Center

Master plan and design of aquarium and natural history exhibits for Florida conservation group

After completing the master plan for the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, C7A was asked to design the exhibits for their hands-on Dalton Discovery Center in Naples. The exhibits focus on the habitats and animals of Southwest Florida as well as the Conservancy’s science and advocacy projects in the region. The galleries are organized by habitat: uplands, Everglades, mangroves, beaches, and the ocean. Exhibits range from the centerpiece 5,000-gallon patch reef tank to alligator, snake, and turtle terrariums, a touch-tank, and mangrove aquariums. A large, interactive model of the state and its aquifers illustrates how the flow of water in Florida has changed tremendously because of human encroachment, and how the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan will improve south Florida’s ecosystem by restoring natural water flows.