Fahaheel Waterfront

Master planning and architectural design for new waterfront commercial promenade in Kuwait

In keeping with a national policy initiated in 1970s to establish an accessible, vibrant and public waterfront along Kuwait’s coastline, a major competition invited local developers with local and international design teams to make proposals for the 1.3-mile Fahaheel waterfront. C7A's winning design envisions an accessible beachfront framed by a 2-kilometer-long, palm tree-shaded promenade, punctuated by landscaped “land piers,” perpendicular to the coastline. The new harbor, containing twin “building piers” designed to capture many traditional Islamic architectural elements, crosses the promenade on axis with the major commercial avenue of Fahaheel. A giant, 70-meter-diameter Ferris Wheel, overlooking a fresh water lagoon between the pier buildings, terminates this axis, providing a new landmark for the waterfront.