Geo-Science Centre Exhibits

Hands-on exhibit design for science museum and natural history museum

Cambridge Seven Associates designed the buildings and exhibits for the Geo-Science Centre, a world-class museum complex made up of a Science Museum and Geo-Climate Centre located in the heart of Riyadh’s new King Abdullah Financial District. Each building contains more than 27,000-square-feet of exhibit space, focused on learning through observation and hands-on investigation. Covering the complementary spheres of technology and nature, the KAFD Science Museum and Geo-Climate Centre are each organized into four galleries—Earth, Water, Fire, and Air—drawing inspiration from the Islamic tradition of alchemy that led to modern chemistry but with a modern interpretation. The Science Museum has an additional gallery—Space—located outside the planetarium. Each gallery is entered through a Historic Portal that introduces a key figure from Islam’s golden age of enquiry, when its thinkers laid the foundations for modern science, mathematics, and technology. Inside each gallery, visitors encounter a central icon that embodies the gallery's theme. Visitors can participate in a group activity that encourages cooperative learning and explore scores of thought provoking interactive exhibits.