Hohhot Children’s Exhibits

Master planning, architectural and exhibit design for new children’s museum in China

The Lao Nui Children’s Discovery Museum, Hohhot is the first children's museum in Inner Mongolia and the largest in China. This 250,000-square-foot museum includes more than 100,000 square feet of exhibit space organized in two wings, "Explore" and "Investigate." Encouraging children to learn first about themselves and the world around them, “Explore” takes visitors through a series of galleries that expand their view of the world, from Me and Family to the City, Region, Country, World, and finally Space. Hands-on exhibits include a climbing tower in the City’s Construction Zone, water play on the Country's Mountainside, and puppetry play in the World gallery. In the “Investigate” wing, visitors travel sequentially through time, exploring Earth Formation, Prehistoric Life, Ancient Times and Early Inventions before reaching Modern Times and the Future. Here, the highly participatory exhibits stress a deeper investigation of phenomena, with a focus on STEM learning. Exhibits include the science of volcanoes and rocks, the physics of simple machines, a tinkerer's workshop, and future technologies.

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