KAFD Geo-Science Centre

Architectural and exhibit design for new science museum and nature center in Saudi Arabia

The KAFD Geo-Science Centre celebrates Saudi Arabia’s contributions to science and environmental education in a pair of buildings, the Science Museum and Geo-Climate Centre, centrally located in the King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh. C7A’s design is derived from the fragmented and faceted forms of giant crystals found in nature. Crystalline shapes appear to grow out of the Plaza, creating the fractal architectural character of each building. Visitors enter each of the Museums at the Wadi level through lobbies, which act as information/orientation foyers for visitors. The Geo-Climate Centre’s lobby provides access to the museum and IMAX theatre while the Science Museum features a multi-level lobby providing access to and from the skywalks, monorail, and underground garage.

Hello Cambridge Seven Team, just to want to let you know that the construction of the Science and Geo-Climate Center has started. If you like I can sent you some updates from time to time. Just let me know. Greetings from KSA, Franz H. tourabe bookkeeping Ott, Resident Engineer, Dipl. Ing. Architect, MRIAI - AIA, fhott@zfp.com

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