Logan Elevated Walkways

Architectural design for elevated pedestrian walkways connecting airport terminals, parking garage & hotel

Cambridge Seven Associates developed a new climate-controlled pedestrian circulation system consisting of elevated walkways that link the major terminals, the main parking garage and the neighboring Hilton Hotel (also designed by C7A). This comprehensive network serves 45,000,000 passengers each year. Its walkways offer broad views of Boston and activity at the airport, helping orient travelers as they move through the airport. The walkways also incorporate the largest public art project in New England, an aquatic journey in terrazzo by artist Jane Goldman depicting the sea creatures to be found from the sandy beaches to the depths of the Atlantic waters surrounding the airport.

CultureNOW Podcast: Logan Airport Walkways

Listen to a CultureNOW¬†podcast by artist Jane Goldman, who discusses the terrazzo flooring artwork she created for the Logan Airport Walkways designed by Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc. Atlantic Journeys, 35,000 square feet of terrazzo flooring in the C7A-designed walkways connecting …