New England Aquarium

Architectural and exhibit design for aquarium in Boston with recent expansion master plan and renovations

The New England Aquarium in Boston opened in 1969 and became a precedent-setting prototype for many future aquariums. It is a phenomenal tourist draw in its urban waterfront setting; an educational resource serving its community and region; and an early example of Cambridge Seven's ability to offer both entertainment and education through experiential design, integrating exhibits and architecture. This unique institution is credited with a major role in the redevelopment of Boston's waterfront. Cambridge Seven Associates provided site planning, architecture, exhibit design, and all interior design for the original New England Aquarium building as well as master planning for several expansion projects, including a new Mammal Pavilion, designed by McManus Architects with exhibits by C7A and NEAq staff. C7A most recently worked with the New England Aquarium on renovations to the Giant Ocean Tank and new exhibits.

CultureNOW Podcast: New England Aquarium

In this series of CultureNOW podcasts, C7A Principals Peter Kuttner and Steven Imrich discuss the design of the New England Aquarium and the recent renovation designed by Cambridge Seven Associates. Boston’s New England Aquarium opened in 1969 and became a precedent-setting prototype …

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