Oceanário de Lisboa Exhibits

Master planning, architectural and exhibit design for aquarium in Lisbon, Portugal

As the centerpiece of Expo ‘98, the Oceanário de Lisboa is dedicated to the Expo’s theme of preserving the oceans as a resource for future generations. The architecture and exhibit design for the 214,000-square-foot aquarium, completed by Cambridge Seven Associates, expresses the idea that all of the world’s oceans are a single system. Visitors enter from a landside support building via a pedestrian bridge. Entering at the third floor level, visitors pass the vast 1.22 million gallon central tank and proceed into each of four coastal habitats representing specific portions of the four major oceans: the North Atlantic, the Antarctic, the Pacific and the Indian Oceans. From each habitat, visitors look into the main tank, home to communities of pelagic species and schooling fishes. This popular aquarium in Lisbon, Portugal, has become a leading environmental attraction and cultural institution in Europe.