KidZooU Exhibits

Interactive exhibit design for children's zoo and education center

Cambridge Seven Associates designed interior and exterior interactive exhibits for KidZooU, the new Hamilton Family Children’s Zoo and Faris Family Education Center at the Philadelphia Zoo. In one gallery visitors are encouraged to get up-close with animals to learn about their amazing abilities, while the second gallery, designed around the idea that “doing leads to caring,” pairs interactive conservation stations with live animal displays. Outside, children have the opportunity to experience “parallel play” alongside animals. A human play and climbing structure is surrounded by goat and primate play and climbing structures, designed by SMP Architects, allowing visitors to compare their balance to a goat or their climbing ability to a primate.

New KidzooU: Educational and just plain fun!

Diane Fiske from Montgomery News takes a closer look at the interactive exhibits designed by C7A for KidZooU at the Philadelphia Zoo. This children’s zoo and hands-on education center was designed by SMP architects with exhibit design and outdoor signage …