KAFD Aquarium Exhibits

Immersive and interactive exhibit design for new aquarium in Saudi Arabia

Exhibits in the KAFD National Aquarium of Saudi Arabia designed by C7A highlight the biodiversity of our planet through a journey around the world. Visitors begin their experience in the Grand Hall, an underwater immersive experience created with lighting and media projections while the Orientation Gallery creates excitement about the diversity of habitats and animals they are about to experience. Taking a glass elevator to the top of the building, visitors experience a canopy walk through the Amazon Rainforest and a trail through a Southeast Asian Rainforest. Following ramps down through the Grand Hall, visitors journey through a series of diverse ecosystems: the Nile River, Komodo Island in Indonesia, and Sub-Antarctica habitats. Smaller galleries along the path educate visitors about the way various species travel through water and how species have adapted to survive their environment. The experience culminates at the giant 1-million-gallon ocean tank featuring the unique coral reefs and large species of the Red Sea. Finally, visitors emerge from an acrylic tunnel through the Arabian Sea and where they are treated to a magical multi-story view of this amazing world of water.