Tennessee Aquarium

Master planning, architectural, and exhibit design for new fresh water aquarium in Tennessee

Architectural Record praised the nation’s first fresh water aquarium as a “cathedral of conservation.” Cambridge Seven Associates was responsible for the design of this major public aquarium at the edge of the Tennessee River, the ecology and biological diversity of which is the aquarium’s focus. Glass pyramids atop the building reveal glimpses of wild habitats within, which feature fresh water habitats with three major exhibits concentrating on the Tennessee/Mississippi River System: a mountain cove forest with a trout stream, a "lake" section of the river between dams near Chattanooga, and a cypress swamp of the Mississippi Delta. The exhibit has proved to be a profound economic redevelopment catalyst for the region.

Tennessee Aquarium sees 20 millionth visitor

Channel 3 in Tennessee interviews the 20 millionth visitor to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. This waterfront aquarium, designed by architecture and exhibit design firm Cambridge Seven Associates in 1992, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. “That’s 20 million people that …