“World Brooklyn” Exhibit

Design of interactive cultural exhibit for hands-on children's museum

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum, the world’s first museum created expressly for children, embarked on an ambitious expansion, doubling its size to 102,000 square feet. Cambridge Seven Associates designed one of two new permanent exhibits in this reconceived museum. The exhibit, “World Brooklyn,” explores the cultures of the world through the diversity of Brooklyn’s ethnic neighborhoods. Brooklyn is a borough of immigrants with one third of its residents born abroad and an estimated 128 languages spoken. C7A created an immersive streetscape, which serves as the main circulation spine and is lined with stores that reflect the diversity of Brooklyn: a West Indian Travel Agency, a Chinese Stationary Store, an Italian Pizzeria, a World Music Store, and an International Supermarket. Children enter the stores and experience the traditions of Brooklyn’s many cultures. They can assemble their own pizza, shop for a variety of dinners from around the world, create paper lanterns, design their own Andinkra patterns, and dance to the music of different cultures.